Rent a sauna cabin at offers rental of saunas on wheels. It may sound both crazy and wonderful, but it is without a doubt a luxury for you, your friends, colleagues or family. Pause everyday life for a few hours and enjoy a ride reminiscent of warmer air. A sauna cabin is a portable sauna that can be moved right to where you want it. Put it on the beach and enjoy a fresh dip before settling into a sauna cabin.

Saunagus is pure therapy also offers saunagus in our sauna cabin. Saunagus is derived from the German word "aufguss" and simply means to "pour on the stove". Here, water mixed with essential oils is poured on the stove in our sauna cabin. Then it is the gus master's turn to swing the towel so that the oil vapors are circulated around the sauna. It provides both increased well-being, cleansing, detox, improved immune system and lowering blood pressure. There are therefore many benefits to saunagus in our sauna cabin, at the same time it only takes one hour. It is pure therapy and enjoyment in a busy everyday life.

Sauna is associated with luxury, but…

Sauna er forbundet med luksus, men prisen for et besøg i vores sauna ligger på 75,- pr. person og 150,- for sauna-gus. Det er til at overkomme og overskuddet du oplever bagefter giver dig velvære i hverdagen.

Our saunas have a large panoramic window so you can enjoy the waves of the sea inside the heat. uses sauna wood inside the sauna where there are 15 seats on 3 benches. The heat comes from a wood burning stove with lava rock that ensures the high heat. The sauna cabin can be moved to where you want, as it also contains a toilet as well as a lounge and bar area. Here you can connect your own music via Bluetooth and read the life-affirming quotes and statements on the walls. Have a life-affirming experience with people you care about. Book a sauna cabin now or Book the sauna cabin as part of an event at Aalborg Outdoor