Saunahytten.dk is a concept created from a vision to create something that is not seen elsewhere.

It should be an activity that emphasized the basics of an experience, but at the same time spiced with a little extra luxury and sensual impressions that could help create unique experiences that create memories.

Based on the above vision, we that we would no longer leave it at that, but take action behind the words to create something unique - something that you do not just see on every street corner.

So we started drawing and imagining the construction, which had no template and in the middle of 2015 purchased a used crew car, which had to be transformed from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

The construction, the ideas, the evening hours and many people involved, led us to the fact that in December 2015, we were pleased to report that we now saw our prototype of the sauna cabin “model Blokhus No. 1” as being finished.

Since the launch of what we saw as a good idea, we had to state that it actually worked - YES !!! and it still works.

When at the same time the guests are extremely happy and excited about the experience, we have fulfilled our vision of creating something completely unique!

Saunahytten.dk - Sauna with a view