AZ has made this AZ as an easily accessible and clear reference work with a number of relevant information and good advice for using the sauna cabin.

Our idea is based on giving you as a tenant of Saunahytten a good experience.

It is important for us to give you a thorough and informative description in connection with your rental and use of the sauna cabin, both to ensure you an optimal experience and to be able to welcome you another time.

Cancellation & Cancellation insurance:
Terms are stated in the Rental Terms which form the basis of the agreement.

It is the tenant's responsibility to arrange for cleaning in and around the sauna cabin, both during and after renting the sauna cabin.

If complications and problems arise with the sauna cabin, must be contacted on +45 30242297

Settlement takes place according to the Rental Conditions and appears from this.

Pickup & Delivery: always makes sure to deliver and pick up the Saunahytten to the agreed place.

It is allowed to enjoy alcohol in the sauna cabin, but it is advisable that behavior in and around the sauna cabin takes place under reasonable conditions. It is not allowed to play loud music that may disturb other guests near the sauna cabin. In the event of any complaints about bad behavior or noise, the tenant will be made fully responsible, also if a claim should arise from another party who feels embarrassed or otherwise insulted by a user in the sauna cabin.

Badekåber & siddehåndklæder: udlejer badekåber og siddehåndklæder. Kan bestille ved reservering af Saunahytten eller ved at kontakte Saunahytten senest dagen før.

Bathing advice when bathing while renting the Sauna cabin:
In certain areas along the Danish coasts it can be dangerous to swim. Therefore, follow these bathing tips:

  1. Learn to swim and jump right
  2. Never pray alone
  3. Ask only where allowed
  4. Only go out to the navel
  5. Only jump on your head where the water is deep enough
  6. Swim along the coast
  7. Never bathe with alcohol and narcotics in the blood
  8. Go up when you start to freeze

If you are a winter swimmer - be sure to pay special attention to these tips:

  1. Make sure there is a short distance from dressing to sea. So you do not have time to lose the desire and get cooled before the dip.
  2. A real winter bath makes sure to get the whole (!) Body into the cold water, but keep your head above water, otherwise you risk severe headaches.
  3. Gently lower your body into the water. Jump out of the water after 10-20 seconds. It is plentiful to start the whole life-giving shock effect.
  4. It is dangerous to swim alone, and especially in winter it is important to have someone nearby in case you get sick.
  5. You must be able to bottom where you bathe. Recommended water depth is 1.5 meters.
  6. Remember the bathing shoes, in winter the surface is often slippery, and when it is so cold at the same time that the feet lose some of their sense of touch, it is smart to wear bathing shoes so that you do not fall.
  7. Jump only in the water on good health days. That is, no cold shiver if you have a cold or a fever. People with heart problems or high blood pressure, diabetes or pregnant women should refrain from winter bathing

Please see Rental Conditions

Fire extinguisher and fire procedure:
There is an approved fire extinguisher in the caravan in the sauna cabins, the escape route is at the entrance or out through a window in the sauna area.

Use of the sauna:
As this is a wellness sauna, the following rules apply:

  • No smoking in the saunas.
  • For at undgå rustdannelse må der kun hældes ferskvand eller godkendte olier på ovnen. ALDRIG saltvand!
  • If water is poured on the stove, it must be done carefully with sauna ash to avoid combustion of vapors.
  • Movement in the sauna must be done calmly, as the oven and flue reach very high temperatures.
  • Make sure everyone in the sauna is told not to touch the inside chimney or the stove when it is lit. Both become very hot.
  • The glass door to the oven must be closed so that embers do not pop out. It may only be opened when firewood is to be supplied.
  • Do not pour alcohol on the stove due to the risk of fire. It is a small room with an open fire.
  • As a starting point, only the delivered firewood may be used, as the type of wood is decisive for temperature and calorific value.

Security deposit:
Security deposit; DKK 0.00 *

* If there has been damage to the sauna cabin during rent, the tenant is of course liable for compensation.

Electricity & energy consumption:
Saunahytterne er drevet af et 12 v batteri system, og kan drives helt uden tilslutning af alm. strøm. Dette sikrer alm. drift lys i op til 12 timer. Der kan ved længere lejeperiode udleveres ekstra batteri, således at dette kan udskiftes. Dette aftales ved indgåelse af aftale.

It is recommended that footwear be placed so that floor space is kept free

Photo & Video:
There are no restrictions on taking pictures or video when the sauna cabin is used, as it is for private use. If images and videos are shared publicly, must not be associated with pornographic or other offensive behavior on these images or videos.

Forgotten cases:
If there are any forgotten cases after use, this is stored for up to 14 days after use, and can be sent to the user at his expense.

It is not allowed to grill inside the sauna cabin, but of course allowed on the outside area if this is indicated on the area.

Groups: reserves the right, at any time, to gain access to the sauna cabin. This applies both to reports of misuse of the sauna cabin in connection with rentals to larger groups and individual users.

It is allowed to use the sauna cabin with the number of people specified in the rental agreement. Any guests who make the number of people higher must be notified to

It is NOT allowed to bring pets in the sauna cabin.

Det er tilladt at benytte det musikanlæg der er tilgængelig i saunahytten, denne kan afspille musik via Bluetooth.

Den udvendige nøgleboks indeholder nøgle til Saunahytten. Kode udleveres efter behov.

Changing room:
It is possible to change in the sauna cabin entrance (limited space), it is also possible to store clothes and valuables here.

Stay in and around the sauna cabin:
It is not allowed to stay on the roof of the sauna cabin.

Setting up the sauna: takes care of delivery, setup and ensures the correct location

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It is recommended to use a bath towel on the benches in the sauna cabin, while there are no restrictions on the use of swimwear or not; this we leave up to the users themselves.
If there are elements in the lease that do not live up to the agreed, you can complain to We always prefer a direct inquiry so we can ensure happy guests.
Cleaning is ALWAYS done by, which is included in the price. The cleaning involves normal. cleaning; in the case of extraordinary cleaning due to non-compliance with the use of the sauna cabin, reserves the right to make a claim for extra cleaning.
Smoking is NOT allowed indoors in the sauna cabin.
Sun hours:
Part of the concept behind is to create the framework for the ideal experience with sunrise - or sunset directly at the water's edge. On the website you can find out when exactly the sun rises or sets in the whole of Denmark, and thus ensure you good conditions for a unique experience.
Transport of the sauna cabin: always makes sure to deliver and pick up the sauna cabin.
Should theft occur while using the sauna cabin, this is at your own risk. It is recommended to lock the caravan if all participants leave the sauna cabin.

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