What is Saunahytten - On Tour?

The sauna cabin is a mobile quality sauna with living room, toilet and outdoor shower, which creates the framework for saunagus, sauna bathing and in this connection possibly winter bathing

Start-up October 2020 (if Covid-19 allows it)

The sauna cabin will create experiences and well-being in your local area. That is why we are establishing “Saunahytten - On Tour”, which can come to a suitable location in North Jutland every other week. The visits are from Monday to Thursday, where one or two ports can be visited every day. Initially, eight possible days are planned, ie Monday to Thursday in even weeks and Monday to Thursday in odd weeks.

The sauna cabin is responsible for two different types of events. One is saunagus and the other is alm. sauna. The last event of the day is alm. sauna, as the heat from the sauna can be used.

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Would you like to find out if Saunahytten - On Tour is an option with you, please contact Saunahytten: send mail

Prices for saunagus Prices for sauna
150, - for once 75, - for once
675, - 5 trips (Save 10%) 337.50, - 5 trips (Save 10%)
1275, - 10 trips (Save 15%)  637.50, - 10 trips (Save 15%)
1350, - Full season (October to March) 675, - Full season (October to March)
Information about winter baths

  1. Increases the feeling of happiness: When you bathe in cold water, a number of neurotransmitters are released in the brain, and you can even become "high" in endorphins.
  2. Strengthens the immune system: The cold water activates your immune system and the adrenaline level rises. It helps fight infections.
  3. Good for the blood vessels: When your body is exposed to a cold shock, the blood vessels in the fingers, feet, arms and legs contract so that the blood flows to the internal organs. When you get out of the water, the blood vessels open up again and you get a warm feeling in the body. One can say that winter bathing is exercise for the blood vessels.
  4. Gets better at keeping warm: You can get used to the cold, which is why winter bathers do not freeze as much when they are out in the cold weather.

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Information about sauna

  1. A trip to the sauna strengthens your mental health
  2. The heat in the sauna lowers your blood pressure
  3. Your immune system is strengthened, and pauna helps you get rid of waste products
  4. Improves blood circulation throughout the body; it can relieve symptoms from joints, muscles and other connective tissues of the body
  5. Recovery after training is shortened - especially if you alternate between a 5-10 minute sauna and a quick trip in cold water 
  6. Saunature expands your social life

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